Bathroom Vanity installation

The installation process of bathroom vanities, are in general an easy final step that makes a huge difference in the appearance of the toilet and makes you feel like you have achieved your goal. For this project, when we decided on the vanity, we explained to the owner of the house what the differences of vanities are and as he wanted to personally pick up the vanity from Ikea himself, we quoted for him to get the right piece. 

When we tried to install the vanity, we realized he had gotten the one that seemed similar, but had a different rear design which is used for a different type of piping which would make it the wrong one for our project. However I took care of this issue as my friend continued to work on the house. I drove to Ikea and picked up the right piece just to make sure we finish the bathroom as we had promised. 

Although the fault was not from our side, we wanted to keep our client happy and we knew how frustrating it is when you are so happy to see the final results that you drive all the way to Ikea and pick up the stuff yourself, and then they turn out to be the wrong ones. Thus I managed to pick up the right product from Ikea and we installed the vanity on that same night, making sure the client was going to bed happy.