Minimal changes to the Contact page

For the final touches to my site, I found Alina’s comments, my peer for the final peer review, very constructive and useful and so I decided to use her comments to better have my final touches done on the site. 

One of the main points she had made was bout my contact page. She mentioned that the picture I had used and the writing “Contact Us” on top of it, were not centred correctly and it had made the contact page look a little off. The reason behind this issue was the fact that the original picture as in fact centred based only on the size of the picture and the elements shown in the image were not centralized and this had created this issue. 

On top of that, she did also mention the fact that my Address was much bigger in size than my email address and my phone number which were written right below the address. This again needed some revision and I had to make sure the whole page looks neat. 

I therefore decided to change the picture used for this page, and also corrected all the fonts and made sure they all have the same size and font to make sure the page seems completely presentable. 

Alina’s comments were absolutely helpful and her eye for details have helped her have such an amazing site.

Here I have a picture of Alina’s comments attached as well as a photo that shows how the page looks after all the changes have been done.