Coding vs. WordPress vs. Shopify

When I was younger, I always thought how difficult making a website should be. In fact I always thought you would have to be a master of coding in order to be able to make the most basic website and that always scared me as I thought for a person to master that skillset, you would need to start coding at really young ages which I hadn’t. My experience with coding, shopify and wordpress taught me how different each of these platforms are and how at the same time all of them can offer you the same sort of results. 

My first experience with making a website was with Shopify.  Back in grade 12 I had a term presentation and in order to really stand out I decided to make a whole website for my term presentation which would include different pages with different topics and that each page would have pictures and information related to that specific topic to make it an interesting read for the teacher and the other students. Shopify, their free templates and the building blocks they have make the job really easy and the domains are not expensive either. 

A year ago, I decided to finally face my fear of coding and I finally took my first ever coding course at SFU. I have to admit the course material did not seem so easy in the beginning but after practicing and watching a lot of videos online, I found the topic really interesting and I would spend hours of my free time playing around with python to learn more and more. 

Even though I did have some experience with WordPress in the past, my major experience with wordpress would be this term and in this class. I have learned a lot about wordpress over the course of this semester. In the beginning of the term, I was not spending as much time on it and I thought it would be an easy task, but after changing my website builder to Elementor and ruining all I had already created on my site, I had to redo most of what I had already done. On top of that, after receiving some great and constructive feedback from other students and Jaiden, I knew I had to change the whole theme and design of my site which was another challenge which you can read about here

In conclusion, even though all the platforms may be offering the same “Final product”, each of them has its own specific path which can teach you a lot of great and useful things. As happened in my experience, I believe anyone who starts something new for the first time, whether it is as easy as Shopify’s building blocks, or as hard as coding in Python and html, will have some difficulties in the beginning but what matters most is to continue trying and making sure you are attaining the right knowledge for the job and I guarantee you will have fun taking on that new experience.