Essay #2

People always tend to focus less on the process and think more about their final goal or achievement. I am also no exception when it comes to doing projects. This further includes all sorts of projects such as renovation projects, school projects and this term, my weekly renovation blog and me becoming a publisher for a little while. I am one who would never have imagined himself being a publisher. In fact, I work with many premium publishers around the world directly because of my job and that’s why every time I met a new publisher I would always think to myself that is the one job, along with being a DJ, that I’ll never be successful at. Having experienced a little taste of what this profession offers, I still believe I might be the second worst person for the job but now my perspective is different and my reasons have changed. 

Firstly, learning how to start blogging has been a great experience. I always thought to myself what easy life bloggers have and how boring their lives are as opposed to what they try to showcase all the time. To better explain the perspective I used to have about blogging, before taking this course and actually going through the whole semester trying to focus on my blogs, I used to always think that online influencers and bloggers have such an easy and boring job as it perhaps take them a maximum of 2 hours each day to come up with a new blog or post. Now that I have experienced a little bit of what they do for a living, I can see how my views have changed in regards to this profession. Many people used to believe that blogging is not a profession and it’s just for people who can’t really do web development and design so they just do blogging for fun. However nowadays we can see that blogging is a profession and many do it as a full time job and almost all bloggers monetize their blogs through ads, coaching, selling products and etc in order to grow their blog which is their full time job and their business (Elias, 2021). I too have now realized how hard of a job blogging is. We had to come up with two posts a week, and yet I struggled with what to talk about. Having something that you can proudly talk about, especially in details for an audience, makes you have to double and triple check your ideas, your work and your final product just to make sure you are not missing anything nor you are lowering the value of yourself and your blog by posting something less unique. Thus in my opinion, after having experienced this term and the process we have gone through, I do believe that bloggers have to firstly come up with new and interesting ideas to talk about on the daily which is extremely hard, and secondly they have to make it interesting and unique to their audience as well which is extremely time consuming and at times it can get really tiring. 

On the other hand, through this term I had to challenge myself many times just to make sure I’m actually learning something new as a “publisher”. My first challenge was to come up with a new design for my logo which would help the appearance of the site. Even though I had used websites such as and before for logo designing, I wanted to challenge myself this time and design a logo myself to make sure its unique. On top of that, having to deal with WordPress and learning the small details of Elementor was a big challenge for me. 

My site, Zeus Homes, is a renovations and designs blog which aims to showcase some of the projects we have done through this term just to show our audience what we can achieve even if we are busy with school and work, and I believe the right audience for Zeus Homes would be all PUB101 students, anyone who is interested in renovation projects and most importantly, our future clients. In my opinion when I show our future clients what we had achieved through this term, and by letting them see all the transformations we have made and read all the blogs I have written, it would give them a sense of comfort and it would better allow them to connect with us as I have openly expressed myself and my feelings through the course of this term and all the projects on the side. 

Even though it’s a beginners site and there is not much to look at, I believe this is where every publisher and blogger started and made their way to the top. Before this term and before taking PUB101, I thought I would never be a publisher nor a blogger because I always thought it was such an easy and tiring job and that I would never be happy doing such a job. Now that I have taken the course and have learned a tiny bit about these professions, I know for a fact that I wont be able to become either one of those. However my views have changed and I dont think of it as an easy and tiring job, but rather I believe I wont be successful because these professions require such talent in terms of coming up with ideas and story telling skills which I have neither. On top of that, as Zeus Homes showcases, I like getting my hands dirty sometimes as I spend enough time on the computer for school and work and thus if I was to continue an extra path, I would perhaps choose more renovation projects over publishing, and then I would blog about them just like we did through this term. 

My first experience as an online publisher had a lot of good and bad days. There were days where I had to spend hours online learning about Elementor, logo designing, Google analytics and etc. after long hours of work and school but it has been a great experience and if I was to go back, I would definitely take this course again. I have learnt a lot in this course and now I look at blogging as a profession which does require skills and time, I now know how different blogging is as opposed to just posting on social media pages such as Instagram (Teslaru, 2021). I have also learnt to work with many new online tools and sites which can be always useful for me and most importantly, doing all the projects and at the same time talking about them on my blog made me learn how to enjoy the ride and what’s happening at the moment, and to focus what I have achieved so far, rather than always thinking about the final product and only get happy when your’e at the finish line. 

-Arshia Esmaeili 

April 13th/ 2021


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