Finishing the Tile Work

Finishing the washroom tile work was another great challenge. In this washroom, we used three different sizes of tiles. The biggest ones are the ones on the walls which were extremely hard to put on and I have talked about them completely here

Next we had the medium sized tiles that you can see on the floor. This size of tiles are in general much easier to measure, cut, level and handle during projects and that is what makes them the most commonly used ones in the industry. The fact that they are commonly used all the time makes them less valuable and less unique. 

On the other hand, we have the tiles we used in the shower floor. From the picture I have attached here, they may not be completely visible to an extent for the reader to see all the details. However in order to give you an estimate of their size, each of these tiles are about the same size as a toonie. The reason we decided to go with the largest and the smallest tiles for this washroom is the contrast they make. It’s correct that this made the whole process perhaps three times more time consuming and more than ten times more energy consuming, but the final results were amazing and the client absolutely loved the contrast we made between the three different sizes of tiles that we used in their washroom.