Instagram Page

One of the most important things is being visible to your target audience. Hence, that is why many businesses and even bloggers all around the world have Instagram and Facebook pages. In many cases nowadays we are seeing them also being active on Youtube in order to be more visible to their audience and to be able to earn better revenue too. 

One thing I should have paid more attention to, in fact is the importance of being visible. For the longest time, I did not have any sort of social media pages linking out of my website which would make it hard for anyone being interested in my work to get in touch with me through these social media platforms to get to better know me and my work. 

As I have mentioned before, being visible to your audience is really important. No matter you do tailoring, or hair dressing or any other profession, you do have a huge audience on these social media platforms who are waiting for your content to be shared with them. My site was lacking that for a long time. Even after adding my social media to my site, I still only have added my Instagram page so far which is my personal page and I have only added it for the sake of upgrading it soon, and for people who want to get in touch with me through that channel. 

I know the importance of having all your social media channels on your site and the fact that they would be of much higher value if they are solely made for the purpose of that site and title. Therefore I will soon be creating an Instagram and a Facebook page for Zeus Homes which will solely focus on the purpose of this site and our renovation and design projects. 

On Zeus Homes’Instagram and Facebook accounts I will be posting on the daily some of our previous projects, some of the current projects and many before and after pictures which seem to be the hottest topic for the audience. 

I believe having these pages created and shown to our audience can make a huge impact on the number of visitors we get on our site which will then result in the growth of my online self.