Laundry Room Makeover

This week’s blog is about a situation which took us hours to figure out why it was done in the first place. 

Our client was nice enough, and promised our work enough to let us start as soon as they got the keys to their new house. This new house however was in fact 95 years old and had gone through a few mini renovations which made our work a little bit harder. For most parts, we managed to figure everything out quickly and decide what we are going to do with each part of the house but there were some parts which had been completely transformed and were used for different purposes than they were initially built for. 

For instance, the person who lived in this house before our clients had completely torn apart the washroom in the living room and changed it into a laundry room yet all the tubes and washroom pipes were still hanging around in the laundry room. Not only was it messy, we couldn’t get our heads around why they would have done it. It turns out they had rented the basement to two different students in order to maximize their monthly rental income but they also needed a laundry room for themselves too now that they couldn’t go downstairs. So they had decided to transform one of the washrooms to their laundry room. 

Here you can see a picture of the Laundry room:


So as you can clearly see, we had to first take down the door, replace all the pipes and tubes, take the washing and the dryer machine out of the room, redo the floor with tiles and then make this whole room over and transform it back to a beautiful washroom for the guests. 

Here you can see a picture of the final product as well as a short video of how we started this whole process.