Major Design Changes

After struggling with the design and the theme of my site for a long time, it was time for a huge change. Even though I had already made some minimal changes in the past after receiving constructive comments and ideas from my peers, I had to still make so many changes around the website to make it look presentable. It was at a point where I had to think of what if I was to do a presentation of my site, would it be presentable and neat or would it look like it’s all over the place. Unfortunately the answer to that question was the latter. So I got to work. There were many changes that needed to be done. 

To begin with, I had used many different fonts on the website which had made the site look so unstable and unlevelled. Going through every single page and making sure they are all following the same font size, design and visual was not an easy task to do, but it was indeed something that needed to be done ASAP. 

On top of that, I had so much white space between my posts which made my pages look a little pale and so I had to come up with some minimalistic changes that would make the pages look nicer and more organized. I decided to use dividers between all my posts in order to better organize them and to give them a better shape and look as well at the same time. 

Next step was to get rid of all the wrong posts on the wrong pages. I had many posts on pages where they did not belong and so I had to go through every single page and make sure everything is in place and all the posts are where they are supposed to be. This goes back to me having issues with figuring out the menu in the beginning of the term where I was forced to have all my posts in one single page and then to sort them all out. This task as well was not quick nor was it easy, but it sure has significant changes to how Zeus Homes looks today and how much more user friendly it has become through the nice and easy navigating. 

Overall, the site looks completely different than how it did two days ago. This process post may not seem like the longest read for the reader as I have tried to minimize the details of what I have been through over the past two days to get my design and my site as a whole to look good, but it did in fact take me two complete days to make sure everything is in place and that I am following the same theme, same font, same sizes and the right pictures to better design my final product. 

I really hope you as a reader are enjoying what you are seeing right now on the different pages of Zeus Homes and I would love to still hear some more constructive comments and ideas to better help me shape this online environment for my audience. 

The following pictures are a before/after photo of my home page for reference.