Mini Assignment #2:
Thor who?

We all know Thor is a worthy warrior. However, more importantly, he has superhuman powers which make him the great candidate for my job. I could have any other DC or Marvel character helping me with my project but I chose Thor for a reason. 

First of all, Thor has speed, agility and he is also very durable which make him ready for long hours of construction work. More importantly, he has his own tool, his hammer. Don’t we all just hate someone who comes to work with absolutely no tools? Well, guess what? I wont have that issue with Thor because he will have his hammer on him all the time and to be honest, thats all we need for our first step of the process, demolishing the house. 

In this project, we are working on a 95 year old house which needs some major renovations and I believe Thor’s abilities can help us quickly get rid of all the walls and cabinets that we no longer need in this old house, and let us start our work earlier as the client is planning on moving in within less than 2 months which makes our job really hard as its a huge house that needs to be renovated all the way and we don’t have enough time. So I believe Thor’s power, speed and accuracy with the hammer can be of great help.