Mini Assignment #4
Mix something

For this week’s mini assignment, we are supposed to be mixing something. At first, just like almost anyone else, when I heard the word “mixing” I decided to remix two of my favourite musics by Eminem. However after I listened to the final product after spending over 2 hours of mixing, I realized that’s a field I should absolutely never enter because I will have absolutely zero chances. 

Then I decided to mix a picture of a Jeep. There are many reasons behind this. We have been using a Jeep Wrangler for our projects and I have to admit, this car is a beast and there is absolutely nothing that this car cant do to make your renovation projects easier for you. 

You have loads of construction garbage to dump? YOU GOT IT

You need to take 10 sheets of plywood home with you? WHAT DO YOU THINK THE ROOF RACK IS FOR?

You have 20 heavy packs of hardwood for flooring? YEAH DON’T WORRY THIS CAR CAN HANDLE IT

So basically, I realized that this car is much better for construction work than off roading and adventures so here comes my remix: