Making Minimal changes pt.2

After receiving my second peer review, I knew it was time for some more changes. I had meant to make those changes before the peer review but I wasn’t able to finish all I had in mind in terms of improving my site. Even though almost all of the changes that were recommended by Samridh were on my to-do-list, after reading his detailed and thorough peer review, I started making some other minimal changes to Zeus Homes. 

He had mentioned many constructive points on how to better design my different pages which helped me when I was making Major Changes to my design, but one thing I want to focus on for this week’s process post, is his comments about the pictures I had used on my process and blog post pages and how they had ruined the contrast between the theme, the typography used on the page and the colour scheme used on the website. As he mentioned in his peer review, I had used two photos on my Process posts page as well as my Blog posts page. These pictures were in fact taken from the free pictures that WordPress allows you to download and indeed had ruined the appearance of my site. The picture I had used for my Blog Posts page, had a yellow background and it included a lot of blue objects in the photo. The other picture used for my process posts page, had a dark green background and in general was dark and really low in terms of brightness. This further had created a shadow on my “Process Post” title when you entered the page which had almost made the title impossible to see. 

After taking into account Samridh’s ideas and comments, I decided to completely remove those pictures as they did not follow the same colour scheme nor did they follow even the same sort of theme as the rest of my pages and this had just made my pages not so pleasing to look at. 

I believe his comments about changing these pictures and trying to keep the same flow and theme going on through the whole site, even though may sound obvious, they made a huge difference in the appearance of my pages. Although my whole site still needed a lot of design changes at this point, I believe taking this first step, even so small, made a huge impact on my site and made me realize how much more aesthetic I could make my site look by changing only a few small details. 

Below I have a picture attached of my Process Posts page for reference; you can clearly see in this picture how the colouring of the image used in the background has negatively affected the appearance of the whole page and how the menu bar is hard to see because of the wrong contrast between the colours.