What we offer to our audience

Knowing who your audience will be is one of the most important steps before even initiating a business, from a business development standing point. It’s important to know who you will be dealing with for the rest of your career and who you should be pleasing as your target audience who will be the same group of people who eventually help you grow your business and yourself as a person. 

My target audience are the people who are interested in all kinds of construction and renovation projects. Therefore as a blogger, I should be able to know what exactly they are looking to see on my site and then do my best to offer them the best quality materials and posts that I can. 

At one point, I was looking at my site and I was comparing it to professional construction and renovation sites and I realized one of the most important things that my audience needed to know which was missing from my site, would be the services we offer. Looking at it from a customer’s point of view, if I had gone on such a site and I enjoyed looking through it, and at the end I wouldn’t be able to know whether they are the right people to take care of my project or not due to lack of information being provided, I would perhaps reconsider working with that specific team of people. It may sound a bit harsh, but people always tend to work with the ones who provide them the easiest and the best solutions and if I have to go through so much hassle just to learn what you are offering me, then that already means you are not the right person to take care of the job. Therefore, I created a “Our Services” page just to make matters easier for our potential customers, and also anyone who may be interested to know what it is that we actually offer. 

I believe creating this page was an important step I had to take in order to improve the quality of my site and to better be able to educate my target audience about what we do and what we can offer them in general which can show them whether we can be the right people to do their projects or if that would be something better suited for someone else with other specialties. 

You can find the page by clicking on the picture below: