Old School hardwood removal

Removing hardwoods is not always the hardest job. In fact, its easy and fun to do so because most of the time these hardwoods are not meant to be used again and there is no issue damaging them at all which makes the job easy and amazingly fun to do. If you are tired of school or work, or if you have had it with your SFU exams, I recommend removing some hardwood to help you relax. In this project, there was a slight issue with the hardwoods. What made these hardwoods almost impossible to take out was the fact that older laminates were not like the ones that are used nowadays and they don’t easily slide into one another. Instead of sliding in and out, they are all nailed both into each other and to the floor. The nails they used to use for these laminates are a special kind that when you use, the head is bent at the end and goes underneath the other laminate piece which makes them impossible to take out. 

Not that it would be hard to take them off, but it would take a really long time for us to remove all the hardwood from this huge house and that would leave us behind on our schedule. On top of that, if we were to spend all our time removing hardwoods, then who would take care of all the other things that needed to be done and needed some sort of specialty? Thus we decided to hire two extra people for a whole week to take care of the hardwood removal process just to make sure we keep our promises to our client and we go as planned. 

In the above pictures, you can see how the living room looked in the middle of the hardwood removal process and how the hardwood has been removed from the other sides and the middle part still has the old hardwood installed. Additionally, you can also have a look at the first picture and see those piles of boxes which are in fact the new laminates which later replaced the old hardwood. 

And below, of course we have an “after” picture: