Painting is Fun

This blog is going to be very short yet very long. 

Painting is really fun and this activity allows you to relax and enjoy what you are doing but for a short period of time. When you start painting and doing touch ups in a huge house, you start feeling pain in your neck, arms and etc and that makes the process perhaps less enjoyable. 

Learning how to paint is much more complicated and has many steps to it which you need to master before you can do a good job painting. I personally watched a video which shows you all the little tricks on how to master painting skills. However what even helped me more is the fact that I leave all the painting jobs for my friend and I barely do the painting. 

Therefore if you are interested in learning more about how to paint, you better watch this video as I may not be the best instructor. For the sake of this blog post though, I have attached 2 photos of early stages of my paint job at our recent project.