Peer Review 2

For this peer review, which is our second peer review of the semester, I have looked at which is owned and managed by my fellow peer Samridh.

I had a thorough look at Samridh’s blog and paid close attention to the details of this blog and I find this blog well organized and easy to follow due to the following reasons. 

First of all, as you enter the home page, first thing you see on the top of the page is a well designed and plain logo which reads “Meraki, Chaos is a state of mind”. I found this logo design really meaningful and eye-catching. The logo is designed in a way that reminded me of Herschel‘s simple yet astounding logo and I believe the two logos may have even actually followed the same pattern. Additionally, the design of the blog is really simple, just like the logo, yet interesting and eye catching. The colour palette and the combination of fonts, menus, header and footer colours perfectly match each other and gives the reader a sense of calmness, making them want to spend more time on this blog. 

In addition, I found the menus really easy to follow. You know a blog is well sorted when you can find different stuff you are looking for easily and I believe that Samridh’s blog offers just that. 

Having a thorough look through this blog, I even checked most of the posts, blogs and etc just to get an idea of how the design might differ when you go from your home page to a certain assignment or blog page, and surprisingly the posts have even nicer and better organized designs. 

One thing that really interests me about this blog is the fact that there are no wrong or misleading menus that take you to blank or wrong pages and as mentioned before, the menus are well sorted and very easy to follow.Another great point about the blog is the fact that the instagram and linkedin pages are linked to the page and for people who are interested in knowing more about the blogger, they can easily find the right links to Samridh’s social media pages. 


On the other hand, I believe there are still small parts of the website which can use some improvements. One thing I noticed was the fact that there are no external pages being linked to this blog which is not a huge deal, but can definitely make the blog more interesting if there are some additional external sources to look at. 


All in all, as a reader I really enjoyed surfing this blog and going through the different pages. I really liked the design and the chosen colour scheme as well as the idea of adding videos and multiple pictures even to the peer review posts on the blog. The colours that are chosen for this site make it really easy on the eyes of the readers and they are not tiring or distracting at all and the menus are very well sorted which makes navigating easy for the reader. In my opinion this is an impressive site and with a little bit more time spent on the contents posted this can be a go to place for film and travel lovers. 

-Arshia Esmaeili