Peer Review 3

Here comes my third and last peer review of the term. 

For this peer review, I am having a look at netflixmoviereviews which my classmate Alina Francis has been working hard on during this semester. 

As Alina calls it, this website is great for people who love movies and shows and on this site, Alina has created an environment for movie enthusiasts who don’t have much time to waste on crappy movies, by rating and reviewing these Netflix movies and shows. As Alina has mentioned in her “About me” page, she is a communications degree student so I believe that makes her the right person to be taking care of this site as she can thoroughly and deeply express her feelings in the greatest way and this can further help the audience better understand why or why not a movie is being rated what it’s rated, and further show Alina’s reasonings behind these ratings. 

As soon as you enter on the home page, you see a huge Netflix picture which Alina has also given credit to the owner of this image, which is Netflix. It’s a great eye catcher but one thing I would change about it is the quality of the picture. The picture seems to be screen shotted or taken from a site with very low quality and thus seems a bit blurry and that’d be the only change I’d make on the home page. 

 Having a look at her menu, it’s greatly designed and the menu is easy to navigate and there are no misleading or random buttons that would confuse the reader which is a great feature for any site. 

One thing I liked most, is the fact that she has a page called “rating system” on which she has explained the different meanings of these stars being given to different shows and movies. The rating systems are usually different on each specific site and they can get confusing at times but I like how she has dedicated a whole page to show what pattern the rating system follows. 


In general, I believe the design, the fonts that she has used, the menus and the colouring scheme are all on point and she has done a good job creating this site, even though she has mentioned that she is fairly new to blogging. However one thing I would personally change is the use of online pictures. I believe using pictures taken by the admin, or in general having not so commonly used pictures but rather unique ones can better get the audience engaged and interested in your topic. 

To conclude my points about this site, I believe many people would love to have a site like this handy to themselves just like IMDB where they can see ratings and more importantly, long and descriptive reviews of movies and shows to help them choose what they want to watch easier. This site is well-designed for a beginner and I really like how there are links to the specific IMDB pages or the actors and actresses Wikipedia pages. Another great feature which makes it a great fit for her desired audience, is the fact that there are trailers of each movie in their specific review page which makes it easy for the reader to have a quick look at and decide whether they agree with Alina’s point on the review and whether the trailer attracts them. One thing I would add on to this site to make it more marketable to Alina’s site would be to hyperlink the actual Netflix URL to each page as well. The main point of this site is to rate Netflix movies, so hyperlinking the Netflix link of each movie to it’s name on the blog could make it much more easy to use and much more marketable to the audience. 

– Arshia Esmaeili

April 10/ 202