Process post #1

Finding someone new to talk to may have a different meaning now that everything is done online due to COVID. It has been over a year that almost all types of communication has switched to online video calls, zoom meetings and emails. 

However, I’m a marketer and I “meet” many new people on the daily. As you have probably guessed, many of these meetings as well are done through emails, video calls and other ways of online communication but at the same time, I occasionally meet with many business owners to help them achieve their marketing goals and to create a business plan for them. 

Even though just sending and receiving emails may seem much easier than actually meeting and getting to see people even on video calls, I’m a true believer of face-to-face meetings and as a result I usually prefer seeing and interacting with people even if it’s done through video calls. This way at least we can both get a sense about each other and our personalities. Therefore even now with COVID affecting all of us, I still manage to have at least a minimum of 3 face-to-face meetings and although it doesn’t feel as good as actually physically seeing each other and shaking each other’s hands, it’s still a much better and more efficient way of getting to know people and doing business with them in my opinion.