Process post #2: Popcorn ceilings

First thing first, we started this project by taking the popcorn ceilings down. 

Popcorn ceilings and walls are friable material and are very easy to damage. Not to mention how old school and ugly they look. On top of that, popcorn ceilings actually got banned back in 1978, due to Asbestos issues, which is basically chemical gas that can severely damage your lungs. Therefore it’s always good to have a professional take these down for you using the correct tools. 

Taking down the popcorn ceilings doesn’t seem like a complicated task, yet it requires some practice along with the safety measurements that need to be in place. 

We first make sure there are no lights, or cables hanging out of the ceilings. Then by using our water pump, we water the ceiling, making sure the popcorn ceilings are wet just the right amount so we can start the process. Afterwards, we use our tools to scrap down the popcorn ceilings.