Process Posts

Process Post #1

Meeting someone new

wordpress, web, design

Process Post #2

My first experience with Elementor

Process Post #3

Designing my logo

code, coding, computer

Process Post #4

My personal experience with coding vs. WordPress and Shopify

Process Post #5

My audience needs to know what we offer

change, new beginning, risk

Process Post #6

How I have made changes to my site based on Adam's peer review

webdesign, design, web

Process Post #7

Making changes to my design based on the peer review I received

seo, google, search

Process Post #8

How can SEO be related to my site?

instagram, mobile phone, smartphone

Process Post #9

Instagram page for your blog or bsuiness

Process Post #10

Making major changes to my design

contact, visit, letters

Process Post #11

Making changes to my contact page design after peer review