SFU + Work + Projects

In this week’s blog post, I want to talk a little bit about the hardships I have personally experienced over the years of doing renovation projects along with SFU and my own job. 

As I have mentioned in my about page, I am a digital advertiser and marketer and that is my full time job and doing renovations with my best friend is just a hobby we do on the side. Even though we do this as a hobby and it makes us feel alive and lets us have fun on the side, I believe it also makes life hard at times when you are trying to deal with school, work and the projects at the same time. Sometimes projects are huge and before you commit to them, you need to remember you have already made commitments to your courses, to your job and to your family and friends and you only have so much time during the day. 

Below I have a picture in which you can see my foot and an incomplete room. At this right moment, we had already done 6-7 hours of hard work and I was sitting in this room upstairs doing a zoom call with my SFU group mates to  finish an assignment. The reason I was upstairs is that my friend was still busy downstairs and the noise the tools were making made it impossible for me to be able to have the call downstairs. When I was sitting down though here, I decided to take this picture and to always remember days like this. Even though they may seem like they are hard and tiring, and don’t get me wrong they sure are tiring, but these are the days that make you. 

These projects are fun to us and even with our busy schedules, we still manage to make time for projects of such to help ease up the pressure we have from SFU and sometimes from work. 

Thus I believe these can be tiring and seem like the recipe on how to knock yourself out, but they are also fun at the same time and make you feel alive.