SEO for Zeus Homes

In order to understand my view on the importance of how SEO could positively impact anyone’s site and business, including mine, we should first look at what SEO is in general and what it offers as we talked about in lecture. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the wording seems pretty self explanatory. However doing SEO for different businesses and all their different websites is a complex procedure and requires expertise in this field. When doing SEO, you need to make sure you are trusting the right people with your job and you always need to see a portfolio of their company and how they have helped other sites and businesses achieve their goal. It’s also important to check and see how long it took for those sites to improve their ranking in Google searches and up to what extent. 

I have been dealing with SEO for over 5 years now and I feel like I might be more knowledgable about this topic than the average person.However when I started thinking about how SEO would effect my own site, I realized there is much more to take care about. When you are doing SEO for a website, you may not be thinking about all the content creation and how much time it actually takes the owner of the site. I have had many projects in which our company both creates people’s sites and then we take care of their SEO needs but when it comes to your own little blog, it seems impossible to manage everything at the same time. Creating a site takes enough time to complete and on top of that wanting to see results in SEO may take months. In addition, all the time you need to spend on content creation is the hardest piece of this puzzle in my opinion. But is SEO really worth it even for site like mine?

The answer is almost always YES. SEO can help any business or site become more visible and as a result be more seen by the right audience. The use of keywords through the SEO process makes it appear to the eyes of those who are looking specifically for what you have to offer and this then results in more site views which can then result in the growth of your site. 

Therefore, even if I was to use my site as y main business site, or even if I wanted to continue publishing as a profession, doing SEO would be the optimal option but you need to keep in mind that the process won’t be cheap and does require some cash. Nevertheless for any individual who is trying to get their site or blog be seen by their desired audience, SEO is the answer to their question and in my opinion it’s a great first step to take towards growing your online self.