Quick DIY: Make a Step

As I mentioned before, our client signed a contract with us to start the job right after purchasing their house. Just like always we started by planning to give the client an estimate of their cost, an estimate of the time it’s going to take to complete the house and to make sure we as full time students can finish the job before the promised due date. Thus we discussed all the details with our client and they were more than happy with what we offered them. 

Next day we start the job first thing in the morning and start our tour around the house to do all the measurements and all the estimates to do the shopping and start the renovation process. The estimate we gave the client for the whole house, which is a 3 story house was around 4 months of work to completely renovate the house with great details. Next thing we know, the client shows up at the door on the second week, asking us to allow them to use the basement. You may think they wanted to use the washroom in the basement or perhaps use it for a day to just play around and be in their new home. However our client had a completely different thing in mind. He wanted to move all their furniture in the basement and they had already scheduled a truck to go pickup their furniture the next day. 

We agreed to let them change their mind because people’s situations change all the time and we totally understand that. However there was one tiny issue. The little step that was by the basement’s entrance was completely ruined and it made it impossible for our client to climb up two steps every time they wanted to enter the basement. So we had to be quick on our feet. Even though we had agreed to do the deck and the outside work after finishing the interior, we decided to quickly build them a solid step to replace their old one using concrete and a border we made on the job so it’d make it easy for the client to enter their new house through the basement entrance. 

Here you can see pictures of before, during and after we made the quick changes:


Moral of the story: Try to always be quick on your feet and make sure your client gets what they need