The Jeep

As I mentioned in one of my mini assignments, “the Jeep” has made our lives much easier when it comes to renovation projects. There are a lot of times where renting trucks is not the optimal option. Sometimes it’s late at night and you just need to fill your car with stuff and you cant find a truck, sometimes you just need to go to a dumpster to dump your renovation garbage and there are many more different occasions where paying for a rental car to get the job done is not the best option. 

We have used this car for moving almost everything. The range of stuff we have moved with this car is huge and it goes anywhere from basic daily tools, to sheets of plywood, drywall, boxes of laminate and etc. 

The Jeep however has helped us get through thick and thin and by that I don’t mean going off-roading, I mean solely using the car for our renovation projects. After a few projects where the jeep really helped us, we decided it was time for an upgrade that was well deserved for The Jeep. This upgrade could help us better maximize the utility we get from the jeep and would also appreciate all the jeep has done for us while doing these projects. 

we thought about this upgrade and we decided that the upgrade that was well needed and well deserved would be having a full size roof rack. The roof rack could help us easily move big sheets of plywood and drywall without the need of attaching a trailer to the car and this would be a huge game changer. 

As you see in the pictures attached below, the first one shows a small delivery we had made in the back seat of the jeep a while ago, and the second one shows the Jeep after we added the new roof rack. The roof rack itself took us more than 2 hours to set up on the car as it is a full size roof rack that goes around the whole car. 

It was so much fun putting up the roof rack, and it sure has made a huge change to how we deliver our stuff to the site now and has made projects much more fun.