Toilet Demolishing

People always think demolishing sounds amazingly fun because perhaps they have watched all these videos on Youtube and other social media platforms. However it’s not always the case. When you are renovating a 95 year old washroom, you must be extremely careful not to mess anything up. One simple mistake made and you get yourself into a lot of problems. For instance, you cut a pipe just 2 inches more than you are supposed to and you are stuck with it and it starts leaking all over the floor and it destroys the basement and so on. Therefore there is so little room to play around when you are renovating an old toilet. 

On top of that, trust me when I say it’s no picnic demolishing old bathrooms. It’s messy and ugly and you just don’t want to be there when this is happening. In this project, we once again had to do it for the client as they wanted the whole house to be renovated and redesigned so we decided to  head to Home Depot and get some new tools for this specific washroom as their old piping system was slightly different than what is now mostly used in bathrooms. 

The whole process went as smooth as we wanted it but at the end, there was one slight issue. The tub was sitting there for so long it was almost impossible to remove it as it seemed like it was glued completely to the floor. On top of that after finally removing the tub, it was extremely hard to take it out of the washroom as their old doors were tight and small so we had to cut open the entrance of the washroom in order to get the tub out of there. 

Moral of the story: trust me when I say demolishing old toilets is no picnic.