Why not choose the biggest size tile?

Everyone who has ever done tiling knows the bigger the tile is, the harder the job. This may sound childish when you hear it and you perhaps think to yourself that less tile means less work and quicker job. However that is the complete opposite of whats true. 

Most homes, especially in countries such as Canada which mostly use woods for construction and not concrete, have issues when it comes to having levelled walls, floors, entrances and etc. You can even see that for yourself. Try installing those small Ikea mirrors that go next to each other or pile up on top of each other to create a bigger mirror. Even though through the whole process you believe you are doing a great job, at some point you’ll realize that you are either getting closer to the edge of the wall or further. That is because neither the walls, nor the baseboards or even the floors are completely levelled in houses in Vancouver. Especially when the house is over 90 years old.  

If you put the first tile in a way that is not levelled, since all the walls, the floor, baseboards, the ceiling and everything else is already not levelled, your life will be a living hell. Trying to cut huge tiles into smaller pieces, and making holes on these huge tiles at the right places to put the pipes through is really hard and takes a lot of time and effort. Our client too decided he wanted one of the biggest sizes of tiles thats being offered in the market which made this job even harder.