You want it, you got it

One thing I always hear from all the great influences in the business world such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Harry Gordon Selfridge and etc, is that the customer is always right and you should always try your best to keep your customers the happiest you can. When your customers are happy, they will always come back to you and refer you to other people and that’s how you grow your business by word of mouth marketing. 

While we were renovating the washroom, after taking out all the old pieces and redoing all the walls, our client asked for a new favour from us which would have required some work being done before putting the new drywalls in place. However as I mentioned, we always try our best to keep our clients happy and smiling and we try to make them a home where they can spend the rest of their lives enjoying it. So we didn’t say no to the client and neither did we complain about them asking for new favours, instead, we adapted and found the best possible alternative in order to be able to give our client what they really wanted. 

In order to have a shower niche which is what our client wanted to add, we needed to pre plan it on the wall, make the correct measurements and changes in the wall using the right size of studs and then it would be the right time to put the drywalls on make them ready to be waterproofed. However in this case though, we had to do the measurements after the wall was already placed. So we did the measurements, cut the drywall open, rearrange the studs in the right order and managed to setup a beautiful double niche for this bathroom to give us the client what would make them happy. 

In the pictures below, you can see the process through which we torn open the wall to rearrange the studs and make the shower niche: