My first experience with Elementor

This site is my first experience with Elementor. The Elementor website builder basically allows the user to drag and drop the elements they want onto their desired wordpress page and is supposed to let them easily manage them. I did have some prior background with WordPress but I had never used it how we use it in PUB101. When I started building my site, I decided to give Elementor a try. I had heard so much about Elementor and its abilities and how it can be really useful for businesses. 

My experience with Elementor was not the easiest. I literally had to spend hours watching Youtube videos on how to use elementor and how you can use all its unique features to better design and program your site to the best of its ability. 

One thing I find really frustrating about Elementor is the fact that almost all the useful elements are only for “Pro” users and in order to become a pro user, you have to pay for all the extra features and elements. 

My first experience with Elementor was tough and I had to spend so much time trying to learn all the little details and I’m still a beginner. The reason I kept using Elementor even after all of these issues is that I wanted to challenge myself to learn more about it. If I was to go back, I would still choose to try Elementor and I do also recommend it to other people but keep in mind, only start using it if you have the time to spend on learning it.